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Automatically backup your saved games with optional cloud support.

Cloud support requires any service that offers a folder synchronizing client.

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Important News

  • v1.01 will be available on or before April 1, 2017. Read about the new features and fixes below.
  • v1.0 has been released!


  • The manual has been updated to include features added in v1.01.
  • Game Backup Monitor may not be fully compatible with the new Dropbox Smart Sync feature. If you use this feature, be sure the Smart Sync setting for your GBM backup folder is set to Local and not Online Only.

Updated March 23, 2017

Changes in 1.01

  • (All) Added features to automatically handle new backup files.
    • Automatically restore new backup files when they are detected.
    • Automatically mark new backup files as restored if the game isn't installed on the current PC.
    • These new features are available in the "Backup and Restore" section of the Settings. They are optional and disabled by default.
  • (All) Added new configuration option to delete saved game folder on restore
    • This option is used for games that change the file names of their saves, which results in a mix of old and new saved games if the old saves aren't deleted first.
    • This option has limitations and is not part of official configurations or import/export features.
  • (All) The "Verify backup files with a checksum" option has been removed. This feature is now baked into GBM and cannot be disabled.
  • (All) GBM will now behave consistently across different configurations (such as LAN) when performing sync operations.
  • (Windows) Fixed rare issue related to DPI display scaling.


  • Any changes listed are not final or complete.
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